Quick Start

How much time will I have to invest?

“I am too busy right now” step – 8 hours overall

Tasks (our CSR will guide you thru or just do the job for you if you email the info)
  • 1. Select design (over 60 available)
  • 2. Fill in basic info (Agency Name/Slogan, address, email, agents/employees)
  • 3. Select lines of business you write
  • 4. Configure quote forms
  • 5. Configure Carriers you have appointments with
  • 6. Get real time quote banners from Progressive, Safeco, Mercury etc. Just email your Rep from each carrier and they will send you the emails with code. Forward it to us and we will install
  • 7. Point your domain to our servers
  • 8. Now site is live. Submit site to Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Superpages and other free listings (we will guide)
  • 9. Edit all carrier Find an Agent listings with new web site address
  • 10. We will: configure Analytics and Webmaster Tools to track traffic (we also have our own statistics)

“I have a bit of time” step – 1 hour a week

  • 1. Write about you and your agency for Welcome and About Us pages. Basically tell the world of your customers/prospects why you will take good care of them rate- and customer service-wise.
  • 2. Start writing small pages about insurance does not have to be insightful just in your own words maybe tips about Auto Insurance or Home insurance. Search engines like when a site is alive and changes.

“Let’s get serious about SEO” step – 1 hour a week

OK. Now you committed. Well, for an hour a week anyways. Read more about theory here we assume below you know the basic terminology.
First month onetime 2 hour installment:

  • 1. Determine what products you want to sell most
  • 2. Using Google tools compile a list of so called search phrases (more in our articles here) or sets of keywords like “Natick Auto Insurance”
  • 3. Using Google and third-party tools (links on our Site Admin) start testing each page on being tuned to a certain search phrase(es). Basically those tools will produce reports and recommendation on whether there are enough target keywords etc.
  • 4. Start editing/adding content to add keywords, make them bold or header font

Once a week spend an hour doing 3 and 4 on yet another page of the site.

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