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e-Volve SEO™

We do not want to puzzle you with all these terms, but please pay attention because this will E-Volve™ your business and drive new leads for you!

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a method that will allow your potential customers to find you on the first page of the search engine.

What is E-Volve SEO™?

Please meet our new revolutionary method that became available as a result of a combination between our great level of software expertise and our IT professionals. (sounds bulky, needs to be edited)

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Please note that Basic SEO is included in all of our product lines for free.

Read below what you can do yourself or read what we can do for you.

SEO Standard Level - FREE
SEO Premium Level

Introduction to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) products

We realize that even the most visually appealing and functionality-rich site will be useless if people fail to find it on the Web. To make our sites the most effective we partnered with an experienced SEO professional to create 2 levels of SEO Product.

First is a free entry-level product. Second is an optional premium SEO product.

Before going into nitty-gritty details of each we will define what is a search engine friendly site. Then in the first document (SEO Free Product) we will give a complete set of procedures for agents to follow to take maximum advantage of our entry-level SEO product. And finally in the second document (SEO Premium Product) we will explain the procedure as far as an agent is concerned and elaborate the requirements on an agent.

SEO optimized site

A SEO optimized site has a number of important characteristics:

  1. It's contents are optimized for a certain list of keywords like "car insurance" or "renters insurance" or "business owners insurance";
  2. It's contents are unique;
  3. It's contents have a certain link structure;
  4. There are certain relevant outside links;
  5. And most important there are links from other (high ranked) sites pointing to the site in question.

What are the implications of 1-4? Clearly the contents need to be modified in some way.
On the other hand they still need to be:

  1. Human readable
  2. Informative
  3. Visually and content-wise appealing to site visitors

10 Steps of SEO

After each step we indicate when/how often each step should be performed. Before going live and periodically re-adjust for the duration of the sites' life afterwords.

Step 1

Make list of keywords/search phrases you are after (e.g. "Tampa Contractor Insurance"). Our Meta Tags Analysis Service checks Meta Tags of websites.

Step 2

Go to Google Keyword Tool and refine a list of target search phrases.

Step 3

Edit all pages to have correct keywords/metatags.

Step 4

Make sure keyword density in your content is sufficient (5-10%) Use free online tools such as or There is Keywords Density Tool on this site as well.

Step 5

Add meaningful links to public resources via News and Events/Documents and Links i.e. State Department of Insurance, some other state links immediately after going live. Site Analysis and Inbound Links Checker will give you information about existing internal and inbound links.

Step 6

Enroll in google webmaster tool and stats at Google Services. Some our services like Page Rank Checker or Alexa Rank Checker are alternative to them.

Step 7

Create SiteMap and submit to Google(immediately after live and site pages addition).

Step 8

Submit to free listings like Google BusinessMap, Yahoo Local, Superpages and others.

Step 9

Start adding additional pages (we call them “custom”) with content you write. It does not have to be insightful just in your own words. Articles about insurance, even some funny stories insurance related, warnings about scams etc. Show search engines that site is alive and changing.

Step 10

Market your site! Engage with regional directories/listings, sites, do link exchange with relevant sites.

Our Services

We provide the following services which give the capabilities for the improvement for the ranking of your site:
  • Keywords Density Analysis
  • Google Page Rank Checker
  • Meta Tags Analysis
  • Alexa Traffic Rank Checker
  • Inbound Links Checker
  • Site Analysis for Errors
  • Number of Links Checker

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